Climate Change Walk for Grassroots Communities

Organization/Alliance/Network Energy,Solutions,Climate Justice

Description: The Green Belt Movement (GBM) will host a people’s march to encourage communities to raise their voices on climate change and the natural environment on 25th September 2015. This event is evidence that women are becoming the drivers of change in the communities in which they live, and they are willing to work together to move as leaders of of climate justice. The March will bring many people, especially women, together as protectors of the natural resources and they will share experiences on ways they are coping with climate change. Governments will be reminded; from local to global levels the need to make greater effort to connect with and support grassroots women’s groups, whose practical experiences and solutions can help ensure that the policies being adopted will be better received and make a difference at the community level if they are inclusive

This action is addressing: Energy, Solutions, Climate Justice

One sentence to describe the impact of this action: The walk will be key to demonstrate that when women are empowered, they have innovative solutions to climate change effects

Individual or Organizational action: Organization/Alliance/Network

Date of action: 25th September 2015

Place of action: Country

Contact Information: Teresia Muthoni Maina

E-mail: [email protected]

Name of Organization/Alliance/Network Or Team Name Green Belt Movement

Link to more information:

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