Endorsing the Global Call - Consultative Meeting

Description: Representatives of government, NGOs, citizens (specially women and youth) got together in Hyderabad, capital of the State of Andhra Pradesh to discuss and endorse the Global Call Continue reading

Young Feminist Day @ COP21

Description: The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice is celebrating YOUNG FEMINIST DAY at the Women and Gender Caucus at the UNFCCC daily meeting onTuesday, December 2nd. Continue reading

Atlanta Climate March

Description: Promoted Climate Justice on Climate March program calling for Climate Action Now. Continue reading

Women's Run for Climate Justice

Description: GenderCC, a global network of organisations, experts and activists, participate in the Airfield Run, a famous marathon at Tempelhofer Feld, the Airfield Run. Six women will run the total length of the marathon together, wearing GenderCC T-Shirts to spread this message: The world needs to reach international agreements that guarantee climate justice at COP21. To achieve this, women should be included in decision making and gender just climate policies should be established. Continue reading

Information is key

Description: We joined the city's weekend-bike ride in one of the major streets to draw some attention on what women want to say about climate change and what they think they need. We invited people, particularly women, to know more about the climate agreement which for many of them is something they have never heard of and as part of the campaign invited them to write their own message about climate change and what they think needs to be done. Continue reading

Sensitising Rural Women on Climate Change

Description: 150 Female farmers in Esan South East Local Government of Edo State were mobilised at a town-square for sensitization on climate change on the International Day for Rural Women Oct 15, 2015. The participants were made up of host families and displaced victims of flooding from riverine neigbouring community called Ilushi. Every year Ilushi community on the bank of River Niger is overrun with flood causing mass displacement and loss of livelihood. The sensitization was aimed at demanding climate justice from the government. The local government chairman and the parliamentarian representing the district were invited as stakeholders. Continue reading

Un choeur de femmes pour l'Appel Mondial !

Description: Lors du week-end des Alternatiba à Lyon (France - 69), l'Appel Mondial des Femmes pour la Justice climatique a été lu sur scène par un choeur de femmes. Continue reading

For Living Seed and Living Soil

Description: The Global Movement for Seed Freedom joins the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice and invites you to join people and communities around the globe, from the 2nd to the 16th of October to celebrate our seeds, our soils, our land, our territories, and to create an Earth Democracy based on Living Seed, Living Soil, healthy communities and living economies. We are living in a changing and challenging world. We clearly have two totally different world orders, two totally different world views, two totally different paradigms evolving. One is based on ONE Corporation with one paradigm, one agriculture, monopolies, monocultures, crushing the soil, crushing the biodiversity, crushing the small farmers, crushing our bodies with disease. On the other hand we have billions of species, millions of people. We, the people – cannot fail the Earth, each other and the future. If each of us takes a pledge to protect the Living Seed and protect the Living Soil, to grow our food as close to home a Continue reading

Tous pour la Justice climatique pour les femmes en RDC

Description: - Sensibilisation des femmes et parténaires impliqués( les politiques, les églises, les différentes maisons de commerces et des services, les hommes, la société civile) Organisation de la campagne du 1er au 30 Novembre 2015 Plaidoyer en meme temps pour les droits climatiques des femmes Dépot des plaidoyers auprès des politiques... Fin de la campagne Continue reading

African Women Solutions, Survival, Power

The Women Environmental Programme, based in Nigeria, will coordinate with other networks/alliances on a series of communications activities to build awareness for a just and gender-responsive climate agreement in Paris at COP21. WEP will host a consultative forum on gender and climate change, focusing on the disproportionate climate change impacts which women are most vulnerable in terms of disruption of livelihood, global inequality, sourcing for energy, and adaptation and mitigation strategies. Continue reading