Mobilization of Women and Young Girls 4 Climate Justice

Save Generations Organization organized a mobilization action for Climate Justice to women and young girls beneficiaries to its Vocational and Technical Training program at Kabuga Youth Center, Rusororo Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali, Rwanda. The purpose of this action was to call on women and young girls to be aware of climate change crisis, its impact on people in general and particularly on women and young girls as well as to the future generations; to call them to take action against the root causes of climate crisis; and to join hands together and call for action on climate justice. Continue reading

Pacific Women Mobilizing

We will be coordinating national and regional CSO groups to raise the level of national and regional awareness in pacific small island states on the urgency of climate justice, and the need to integrate gender justice and women’s human rights into all Pacific initiatives by governments and CSOs and social movements, including urgent action before COP21; Ensuring that diverse Pacific women and girls are directly engaged in analysis, advocacy and movement building initiatives in urgent action before COP21. Continue reading

Serengeti Landscape Community Empowerment and Survival

The Mara Water Programme - Africa Rift Lakes (ARL) - Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project, based in Mara - Serengeti Landscape in Tanzania will collaborate with other networks/organizations on communication activities to create awareness for climate justice and a gender-responsive climate agreement in Paris at COP21. Continue reading

Ten State Capitals in India

We will work across 10 state capitals in India, particular with women's groups, to explain the climate change negotiations process and the intended outcomes of the Paris Conference of Parties. It will be brought to the attention of the public how and why gender equality, human rights and justice need to be at the center of the agreement. In each of the state capitals, we will run awareness and advocacy programs involving representatives of the local government, academics, practitioners, women, youth, local citizens, CSOs and legislators. Continue reading

Adaptation to Climate Change

Facilitate participation of women in the planning and carrying out of adaptation measures so that their needs and priorities are taken into account. We need to promote women’s access to adaptation techniques: water and soil conservation techniques, use of improved seeds, diversification of crops, composting and horticulture. Also, we will strengthen women’s groups in rural communities and support their participation in the planning and carrying out of adaptation measures so that their needs and priorities are taken into account. Continue reading

Pope’s Prayer for Environment in Bangladesh

In collaboration with the sasrai-Movement Chittagong Nursing College held a prayer session stirring up climate leaders among nurses across the globe echoing the Laudato Si demand and the Pope’s World Day of Prayer for the Environment 'Care of Creation'. Prior to prayer session we shared the sasrai-Movement theme among the participants. Continue reading

Social Marketing of thermal baskets in Senegal

Thanks to a grant from DAART (, ARADES organized training on design and cooking in thermal baskets with 6 women’s associations between Saint-Louis and Ngaye –Mécké for one week and with sixty people. In two month, after that, ARADES organized a cooking integration system with ten households to obtain fifty more new dishes and Senegalese meals that could be made in the basket. In 2013, ARADES invited all their members to discover together the meals of thermal basket. We counted more than two hundred visitors between Saint-Louis, Ngaye-Meckhe and Dakar. Continue reading

People's Power in the Philippines

he Philippine Development Initiatives and Assistance for the Rural Sectors, Inc. (PDIARS), working with the Filipino women's movement, will launch a series of actions to engage embassies from major polluters based in our country- to make demands for climate justice. Continue reading

Planting Produces Powerful Women

Individual/Team Energy,Economy,Solutions,Survival,Power,Climate Justice Continue reading

Climate Change Walk for Grassroots Communities

Organization/Alliance/Network Energy,Solutions,Climate Justice Continue reading