Update from Women leading the movement for Climate Justice in India

All India Women's Conference on Climate Justice Continue reading

Women around the World took a Stand Against False Solutions

After years of growing support, the activities from this month of #BreakingFree, have began to shift the conversation about where our energy comes from and where our planet is heading towards a more sustainable and inclusive model. Continue reading

Peasant Women Demand the Shut Down of a Coal Plant

The militant peasant women group National Federation of Peasant Women (Amihan) together with various environmentalist organizations, farmers and fisherfolk groups recently protested in front of Calaca coal plant to call for its closure. Continue reading

The Youth are stepping up the call for action

The youth representative addresses the Opening Ceremony of the High-Level Event for the Signature of the Paris Agreement Continue reading

The world is ready to #BreakFree and women are leading the charge

The month of May has been packed with actions happening all over the world of communities rising up, shining a light on the environmental problems in their region and demanding action. We will be highlighting these events and the women organizers that are leading this call to #BreakFree from fossil fules and #FalseSolutions to our energy needs.  Continue reading


It's have been less than a year since we launched this unified call connecting women's rights and climate justice and demanding real action, from global UN negotiations to national movements and local response. We have succeeded in bringing close to 200 organizations together from dozens of countries across 6 continents along with thousands of women, girls and allies, who have signed up in support. But there is still a lot of work to do. Just in 2016 so far, we've seen tangible impacts of our changing climate and the disproportional impact on women and communities facing marginalization: Continue reading