Paris Agreement, No Justice for Women

Yesterday in Paris, world leaders finalized the first climate agreement in world history, the Paris Agreement.

The Women and Gender Constituency came to this process asking one question: what is the purpose of a global climate agreement if not to save people and the planet? In their statement on the COP21 outcomes, the Constituency wrote, "It is clear that in Paris we have not found the political will to make the Paris Agreement the platform the world truly needs to tackle this urgent challenge.We will not be silenced from telling the truth to power, to highlight the lack of ambition and injustice in this agreement. We will never give up on our beautiful planet. We will never give up on our demand for climate justice." For their full statement, click here.

While the reaching of this agreement is cause for relief and celebration for many around the world, the Paris Agreement leaves out justice for the world's most vulnerable to climate change: women. For a full analysis of the text, please see this statement from our partner, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development.

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