Reduce Pressing on Protected Forest by Agro-Forestry

Organization/Alliance/Network Climate Justice

Description: Creating awareness that women play a decisive role in conservation and sustainable management of natural resources; Strengthening their capacities through training and awareness; Reconciling the REDD+ needs of conservation and development of social and gender entrepreneurship and environment justice.

This action is addressing: Climate Justice

One sentence to describe the impact of this action: When forest-dwelling people receive financial benefits from the forest, they have a strong incentive to keep the forest standing.

Individual or Organizational action: Organization/Alliance/Network

Date of action: November 15, 2015

Place of action: Republic Democratic of the Congo, Kinshasa, Maluku region

Contact Information: BANYURAMBONA Remy Remy

E-mail: [email protected]

Name of Organization/Alliance/Network Or Team Name MUT-CREDITasbl

Link to more information:

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