Rise Up! Women for Climate Justice at the 2017 #WomensMarch


On Saturday, January 21st, 2017 the day after the U.S. presidential inauguration, thousands of women will gather in Washington D.C. to stand up for our rights, our safety, our health, our families and our communities. A coalition of diverse organizations and individuals will unite and march as a 'Women for Climate Justice' contingent during the Women's March on Washington to stand for the health of our Earth and our global communities. As a partner of the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice, we invite you and all allies to join us!

We will be sending a clear message to the new U.S. Administration that, as women, many of whom stand on the frontlines of climate change across the U.S. and across the world, we are gravely concerned about the impacts of climate change, and the implications of a U.S. Administration that promotes climate skepticism, advancement of fossil fuels, an extractive economy, racism, bigotry and sexist oppression. We march to reject the rule of the fossil fuel industry and demand that the U.S. government immediately work toward a just transition to a renewable energy future. We stand as women for climate justice, and march for and demand full respect for climate science and immediate action on solutions to this global crisis. We want our children and all future generations to live in a healthy, just and thriving world. Rise Up and Join Us - Ways to Participate: 

  • For more information on the Women for Climate Justice contingent as well as information about sister marches taking place across the United States see: TOOLKIT - Women for Climate Justice.
  • To add your voice and amplify our message, sign this petition to demand the United States deliver on climate justice and women's rights. The names of the signatories will be carried throughout the march in D.C.

We ask for justice, we ask for equality. We are feminists, the climate activists.  WCJ (2)  


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