The Youth are stepping up the call for action

The youth representative addresses the Opening Ceremony of the High-Level Event for the Signature of the Paris Agreement The youth representative addresses the Opening Ceremony of the High-Level Event for the Signature of the Paris Agreement

The up and coming generation of young girls and boys are stepping up to tackle the lingering threat of climate change in various ways in their communities. Here are a few brief updates from the exciting and growing movement.

Nigeria - The Voice of Youth Africa (VOYA) recently brought together young African leaders, from within and around sub-Saharan Africa, who are passionate about causing positive change in their communities. During the summit they pushed the #DoSomethingAfrica message to call for leaders at all levels of governance on the African continent to implement policies that will help Africans overcome the challenges of climate change with focus on environmental and economic sustainability. More here:

Ghana- Over 600 students across Namibia converged at a local school in the capital Windhoek for a Youth Climate Dialogue which aims to raise awareness and heighten urgency surrounding climate change among the Namibian youth

United States- Youth lead lawsuits across the United states are steamrolling through courts and demanding action from national leadership the legal right of a healthy atmosphere and stable climate in the future. The court cases are happening at the federal level in Oregon and Washington, and in the state courts of North Carolina, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Colorado. More info here:

Uganda- Recent trainings held in Mbararar by the Youth Society for Human Rights focused on education of local climate change impacts  and actions that can be taken. Leader of the conference, Jeconious Musingwire focused on their theme "We are the change, climate change must change." See more at:

Tanzania- Getrude Clement a 16-year-old radio reporter from Tanzania and UNICEF youth representative and climate advocate, addressed the opening segment of the Signing Ceremony for Paris Agreement on Climate Change, 22 April 2016. Gertrude mentioned how she is "part of an international group of young reporters, who have been documenting the negative effects of climate change and positive actions to mitigate the effects." Gertrude closed with :"I am one young girl standing before you today, but I am not alone.  "We expect more than words on paper and promises.  "We expect action. Action on a big scale.  "And we expect action today, not tomorrow.

Tonga- A two-day National Youth Sustainable Development Forum in Nuku'alofa brought together youth leaders who plan to come up with an action plan for the development of a Tonga National Youth Policy.  Opened up by Princess Latufuipeka Tuku'aho, Patron of Tonga's National Youth Congress, said youth are one of her most precious concerns and understanding their priorities will help to "develop a National Vision for our youth sector"

Zambia- In the growing Green Youth Movement throughout Africa, the new GreenPoetry is a group of youths who believe in Environmental Sustainability and want to spread the message of saving the planet through poetry, knowing that poetry is as an art that will stir emotions and influence change. More information here:

Impressive works kids! Keep it up.

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