Update from Women leading the movement for Climate Justice in India

All India Women's Conference on Climate Justice All India Women's Conference on Climate Justice

All India Women's Conference (AIWC) is the oldest national women's organisation in India, starting in January, 1927 and dedicated to the upliftment and betterment of women and children.

Over the years, AIWC has grown and spread all over India with Members across the country who carry on the work zealously with selfless dedication. AIWC is recognized the world over as a premier organization working for the empowerment of women. With their vision for "Emancipation, Education and Empowerment of Women", they have focused on many important issues and accomplished countless victories.

AIWC has been organizing climate change awareness and advocacy programs in different places since 2011. It was felt that there was the acute need to raise awareness about the need for a just climate agreement in Paris. Therefore, they joined with the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice from the beginning, even being able to claim our first hundreds of endorsements from Indian women and women's rights organizations during an outreach event in Mumbai, India. You can see their original post here: http://womenclimatejustice.org/the-first-200/

Their educational programs have continue beyond the COP21 in Paris and consist of awareness raising and mobilization workshops. They are now breaking down what happened at COP21 and what needs to happen moving forward in terms of gender-responsive policy and the campaign.

Below are pictures from one of their recent workshops from May 28th at Raiganj near Kolkata where more than 100 people participated. Since starting out, AIWC has collected more than 6000 endorsements from supporters throughout Indian with their emphasis on climate justice, mitigation and adaptation.

More information about this amazing organization can be found here: http://aiwc.org.in

Thank you AIWC for your continued hard work and contributions to empowering Climate Justice Activist and Women's Rights advocates!


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