Women in Indonesia are Breaking Free from False Solutions

Solidaritas Perempuan

Solidaritas Perempuan (SP), which translates to Women's Solidarity, is a diverse union established over 25 years ago with members scattered throughout Indonesia, knitting together the power of women to counter opposition to all forms of oppression against women in various contexts.

Solidaritas Perempuan and its communities are pushing for initiatives of women in mitigation and adaptation strategies that are appropriate with Indonesia's condition. They recently held a big event outside the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia to voice their demands.  "The impact of climate change is felt to be more severe for women, which is why we as women have demanded the government to provide a solution the real impacts of climate change, not false solutions such as REDD +, which actually removes women's access and control over the forest, " says Program Coordinator Nisa Anisa.  Tackling climate change should not reinforce the injustice against women, but it must encouraged to realize gender equality, through the creation of gender equality and empowerment of women.solidaritas perempuan 1

"Handling of climate change has to do with ensuring the policy of protection of women's rights, capacity building for women, full engagement  of women in decision-making, development based on knowledge and wisdom of women, as well as the allocation of funding to create the conditions for women's advocates to power."

Another SP activist, Zakia Nisa declared "false solutions vain because on the one hand developing countries like Indonesia imposed to reduce emissions by planting trees but the other transnational corporations and other actors continue to do the destruction that produce more emissions."

For more information about Solidaritas Perempuan, visit their website here: http://www.solidaritasperempuan.org/

Earlier in May, other BreakFree events took place outside of the Presidential Palace via 350.org called the Climate Carnaval. For more information about that you can see images, videos and press releases here: https://indonesia-en.breakfree2016.or





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