Young Feminists Tackling Climate Justice in 2016


READ: How Young Feminists are Tackling Climate Change in 2016

In the lead up to International Women's Day, we would like to share an important read by Mara Alejandra Rodriguez Acha, Peruvian climate activist, anthropologist and Young Feminist Fellow at WEDO & FRIDA : The Young Femnist Fund.

"From a climate justice perspective, addressing the root causes of the climate crisis also requires tackling social inequalities and eradicating forms of oppression that movements can also reproduce, including gender inequalities. This includes honoring the fact that the frontlines inhabited by women around the world are not just lines of crisis, but also frontlines of change."

Read the full article featured in the HuffPost Impact Blog here:

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To further engage in young feminist activism on climate justice: click here to join the Young Feminists for Climate Justice Facebook group and here to join the mailing list.

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