It's have been less than a year since we launched this unified call connecting women's rights and climate justice and demanding real action, from global UN negotiations to national movements and local response.

We have succeeded in bringing close to 200 organizations together from dozens of countries across 6 continents along with thousands of women, girls and allies, who have signed up in support. But there is still a lot of work to do.

Just in 2016 so far, we've seen tangible impacts of our changing climate and the disproportional impact on women and communities facing marginalization:

  • Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston:  the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall over Fiji on record and unfortunately another Cyclone Zena is on its way. (Follow updates from campaign partner at DIVA via their Facebook Page, as they showcase women's responses to disaster.)

  • Environmental Defenders at the Frontlines: From the murder of Berta Caceres, indigenous environmental defender from Honduras who was leading a fight against a major dam project, to activists in Bangaldesh who face violence in recent protests to block two coal plants near the Bay of Bengal;

  • Violence & Destructive impacts of El Niño: drought the Philippines has led to famine, starvation, and just this week, the killing and detainment of farmers engaged in peaceful protests for food (see updates from PDIARS, and below for how you can support calls for justice)

Our fight is far from over. The time for next steps is here.  We are calling on you to join in. The Women's Call for Climate Justice is only going to be growing and getting louder over the next year - with your continued support and engagement.

Over the next two months, people all over the world will be taking unique actions in their regions to challenge environmental injustice and push for climate solutions in conjunction with International Earth Day, the signing of the UN Paris Climate Agreement and the grassroots push to #BreakFree from fossil fuels.

Under the Women's Global Call, throughout the month of May we will be amplifying efforts to #BreakFree -not only from fossil fuels-- but from false solutions to climate chaos #BreakFreeFalseSolutions. Through actions and advocacy, we call on supporters to come together to expose the false solutions being proposed in countries, communities and at the global level-- and showcase what climate justice looks like for women around the world.

We will also launch activities to support women's groups around the world to learn, analyze, challenge, and hold their Governments 'feet to the fire' on the pledges made for addressing climate change.

We will be following up with information and activities on the above all later this month.

Today we ask you, as partners and allies in the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice, to re-affirm your commitment to action.


Across social media, in social events and at professional settings, let's claim our power:

We are the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice. We will never give up on our beautiful planet. We are ready #ReclaimPower Tweet #ReclaimPower


Lookout for exciting next steps and thank you for your continued support, hard work and contribution to our growing movement.

-The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice

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