Click here for the campaign logos in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese. To download partner logos in English, Spanish, and French, click here.


Campaign Toolkit

Everything you need to organize your community, country, and world. This toolkit is packed with sample social media posts, media releases and advisories, key dates for action, and web code to add the Call to your website.



Media Kit

Everything you need to advance your action by working with the media.



‘I Endorse’ Poster

Download the poster to use on social media or in real life when gathering support for the Call. Makes a perfect Instagram accessory, don’t you think?



WomenClimateArt Posters

Check out the winning designs from the campaign poster contest and share on social media.


Sample Social Media Posts

+ Twitter
I just signed @womenglobalcall in support of #womenclimatejustice. Join me?

I joined @womenglobalcall campaign for #womenclimatejustice – you can too at

+ Facebook, Instagram, and beyond 
Join The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice to demand that women be full partners in decision-making on #climatechange. Endorse the call for #womenclimatejustice here:

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