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Last week, The Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO), in partnership with The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice announced the six winners of a climate justice poster design contest. Congratulations to Juliette Delorme, Nela Meriguet Martínez, Jeramy Turner, Josephine Ferorelli, Vanessa Cardenas and Maya Bhardwa for their powerful illustrated posters, which will help build momentum for the United Nations (UN) Climate Conference (COP21) this December in Paris, France. All of the winners' art is available for viewing on the campaign tumblr.

As an organized action under the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice campaign, WEDO officially unveiled the six winning poster designs and runners-up in a high-level event in New York City's WeWork Bryant Park on Thursday, November 12, 2015 and launched them online on Friday, November 13, 2015.

The international contest garnered more than seventy design submissions from six continents in multiple languages. "The poster contest is an incredible opportunity to showcase the work of artists from around the world, the power of imagery to tell stories and inspire change, and to build momentum in the grassroots movement for climate justice," said Bridget K. Burns, Advocacy and Communications Director of WEDO.

Artist, Camille Hoffman shared: "I believe that art has the ability to advance the call for climate justice by serving as a tool for reimagining an alternative existence in the face of a devastating reality. Imagination and creation, at its best, can be both a political act and an alchemical process - manipulating antiquated materials, challenging stale ideas, remembering contentious histories, and transforming these three things into something new, urgent, and transcendent. Effective art challenges the way in which we rationally evaluate our world and ourselves by asking us to think and react not solely from an intellectual headspace, but also from a visceral core."

The posters will also be prominently featured in Paris at the "Gender Just Solutions Exhibition" in the Climate Generations area of COP21, organized by women's civil society, alongside a showcase of climate actions and solutions of women and activists from around the globe. Please help us to share the word through the below sample social media posts:

Have you seen the winners of @WomenGlobalCall #womenclimatejustice poster design contest? See: @WEDO_worldwide

Art is a "tool for reimagining an alternative existence in the face of a devastating reality." See #climate art:

Last week, WEDO, in partnership with The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice, unveiled the six winners of the climate justie poster design contest at a high-level event in New York. See photos from the event on WEDO's Facebook page and view the art here:

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