Women Act for Climate Justice: 10 Days of Global Mobilization

The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice campaign is co-sponsoring and joining forces with Women Act for Climate Justice: 10 Days of Global Mobilization!

This October 28 - November 6, 2016, join diverse women and girls around the world in organizing together to show our resistance to environmental and social degradation; demand drastic change away from our unjust neoliberal economic and development systems; highlight the climate impacts our communities are facing; and demonstrate the many effective, just and safe climate solutions, strategies and political calls that are being implemented by women and girls around the world on a daily basis.

'Women Act for Climate Justice: Ten Days of Global Mobilization' is a worldwide call for women and girls to bring light to their climate struggles and solutions by sending in photos and a statement, or through escalated actions such as educational events, community projects, protests and marches.

The 2016 'Women Act for Climate Justice' campaign is being called in advance of the November 2016 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - COP22 Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, where we must work together to ensure a sustained civil society presence and pressure to demand that all government's road map ahead originates in a climate justice framework, and with respect to human, Indigenous and women's rights, and gender, social, economic and ecological justice. The "Women Act for Climate Justice' decentralized mobilization is intended to show our collective actions and voices in the lead up to COP22, but also far beyond the UNFCCC.

WHAT: Women Act for Climate Justice: Ten Days of Global Mobilization

WHEN: October 28-November 6, 2016

WHERE: In YOUR community! Decentralized local actions to be held around the world.

HOW: Women of all ages and allies around the world are invited to share their photo and statement and/or hold a variety of decentralized local actions over the extended action week,October 28 to November 6. In the days proceeding COP22, global action submissions will be woven together and shared via social media, shared images and videos, and print and digital news outlets. Actions will also be shared in various events during the COP in Marrakech.

Please be welcome to copy and share this email, or use the sample social media below to invite your friends, colleagues and allies to participate in the 10 Days of Global Mobilization. If your group/organization is organizing a local action, you may also tailor this letter to share your specific decentralized action message/location/time.

  • #Women are on #frontlines of #climatechange & we r rising. Join #WomenAct4ClimateJustice Global Mobilization http://bit.ly/2bYo1FR
  • #WomenAct4ClimateJustice 10 Days of Global Mobilization-JOIN @WomenGlobalCall @WECAN_INTLOct28-Nov6 http://bit.ly/2bYo1FR
  • #Women are demanding #SystemChange to achieve #ClimateJustice - Join #WomenAct4ClimateJustice Global Mobilization http://bit.ly/2bYo1FR
We want to make a strong stand together and have our voices and actions heard! What many have known for generations is becoming more clear by the day. We are all connected to each other, and to this Earth ​.​ As​ ​we forge complex, necessary and powerful bonds of support, solidarity, love and resistance - we continue to build an unstoppable women's climate justice movement.

Another world is necessary, and it is on its way. We do not give up on this beautiful planet.

If you would like to be listed as an official Women Act For Climate Justice: 10 Days of Global Mobilization partner organization, please contact: Emily Arasim - [email protected] or Juliana Velez - [email protected]

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