Sensitising Rural Women on Climate Change

Description: 150 Female farmers in Esan South East Local Government of Edo State were mobilised at a town-square for sensitization on climate change on the International Day for Rural Women Oct 15, 2015. The participants were made up of host families and displaced victims of flooding from riverine neigbouring community called Ilushi. Every year Ilushi community on the bank of River Niger is overrun with flood causing mass displacement and loss of livelihood. The sensitization was aimed at demanding climate justice from the government. The local government chairman and the parliamentarian representing the district were invited as stakeholders.

This action is addressing: Economy,Survival,Climate Justice

One sentence to describe the impact of this action: Empowered rural women to engage government and demand climate justice.

Individual or Organizational action: Organization/Alliance/Network

Date of action: Oct 15, 2015

Place of action: Edo State Nigeria. W/Africa

Contact Information: Louisa Eikhomun

E-mail: [email protected]

Name of Organization/Alliance/Network Or Team Name: Echoes of Women in Africa Initiative

Link to more information:

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