Agro-Ecology - Educating for Sustainable Development

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Article on Embracing Sustainable Construction Practices

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Climate Protection Against Changes - Save Energy!

We conducted classes for students, teaching them different ways to save energy at home. A study was conducted in our city with the population to learn how they save energy at home (questionnaires, interviews). We also organized an exhibition on the streets for the people of our city Atbasar, which included booklets on how to save energy at home. Volunteers prepared a video shown on local television and online. Continue reading

Gender and Climate-Just Germany

We will use high level media events to draw attention to the urgent issues raised in the Call and spread this within Germany and throughout Europe, Our media efforts will provide basic information about gender and climate change, for those who are less familiar with the topic, and a detailed update on current issues within the negotiations, so that participants are informed and prepared to further engage with gender issues in the flurry of media activity during the COP. Continue reading

Drinking Water Security for the Poor and Women

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Reduce Pressing on Protected Forest by Agro-Forestry

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Tree planting in Zambia

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Involving women in energy sector as a way of supporting livelihoods and address climate justice through forest conservation and an increase of forest cover. Continue reading

Inclusion, Education, Empowerment.

Striving towards inclusive education of women in all stages (primary schooling till old age education), using grassroot level mechanism for the purpose of sensitizing the section on environment, biodiversity, resources depletion, climate change, sustainability, mitigation, development and economic empowerment through sustainable development methods. Continue reading

Take Action to Tackle the Double Injustice

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